Electricity... when you need it most.

Smart, small and quiet, whole-house standby generator.
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Hewlett-Packard (HP) Mission Critical Support and a Smart Uncle
What about it?
When you are in Mission Critical, as I was with HP, standby power is one of the key components, required to meet 99.999% uptime.  Enterprise business can lose $100,000.00+ per hour, if their computer servers fail and they can't transact any business.

When my uncle said to me, that a standby generator was the Critical part the family needed to handle Florida's Hurricane season; I got right to work, to make it so. 

Power Always, Inc.
's  purpose, is to make standby generators affordable, by making them smart & small, with computers on-board.  The smart generator is very frugal, when it comes to fuel consumption.  And, if you have natural gas, you will save more money.
Customer's Comfort
What we do for our customers is to  enable their business or home to function in a near normal manner, when Mother Nature and the power company can't get along.  Mother Nature always wins; FPL customers suffer in darkness and sweat in the heat of the night.  And then, there are the cold showers.

Our customers are very glad that they have an automatic standby generator from PowerAlways.

We install turn-key, full-house, automatic and quiet generators.
They are about the size of a central air-conditioner unit, and just as quiet.  The thing is, that the generator keeps two 5-ton A/Cs running, water heater, refrigerators, freezers, wine-coolers, pool pumps, computers TV's, lights...