Electricity... when you need it most.

Smart, small and quiet, whole-house standby generator.
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PowerAlways keeps your lights ON!    Automatically.

Within 60-seconds of a power failure, you will have power; YOUR Power.

Keep your cool with your A/C on and your family’s safety and comfort, at home.  Watch TV, keeping up-to-date on very important storm-news, playing video games, sending email; doing what you normally do. 

Stay calm, cool and collected; with your family safe and comfortable.
At home.  Where else do you want to be when there is a Hurricane?

When you must have Power...  Get PowerAlways!
We can determine the best size generator for your home or business.

The best-sized generator will cost the least to buy and operate.  Your ROI (return-on-investment) will be maximized when you define the mission-critical components and set the expectations, up-front, to ensure you will have the most run-time, for the fuel you have on-hand, before the storm.

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A generator, no matter how big or small, isn't worth much without the fuel to run.